Virtual presentation of a real estate

Virtual presentation of the property

The virtual presentation of the property proved to be a great experience for both buyers and tenants of the property. It allows all potential clients to take a detailed look at the property they are interested in before the actual physical inspection.

This gives them enough information to decide much easier and faster whether a particular property can be their future home or business premises.

A virtual walk brings the property closer to the client so that it feels as if they are really walking around the space. It provides a better presentation of the condition of the property, the layout of the premises, at the same time offers a broader view of the property, more accurately shows smaller rooms, which is usually not most evident from the photos attached to the ad.

For each property in our offer that we sell, we also organize a "Virtual Open Day", where we present the property in even more detail to all potential buyers. We walk through it together with the help of a 3D image, give information about operating costs, possible renovations and other special features, present the exact location and surroundings of the property. Since it is an interactive meeting, buyers can also ask questions related to the property itself.